A Review of the Coral Poker Chip Case

How does it feel to get a Coral Poker Chip Case for your poker supplies? Read on and I will tell you about my experiences with this case.

You have probably seen all the poker supplies cases getting sold all over the internet, but you may not know if it is the right one for you. lumbung88 I purchased the Coral Poker Chip Case to use at my poker room. Overall it is a very well crafted case which is specified to hold a lifetime of poker chips.

Coral Poker is one of the leading manufacturers of playing cards and comps merchandise. Since establishing their first factory in the nineteenth century the company has become the leading producer of casino style cards and chips.

The cover of the Coral Poker Chip case is made form transparent, blue andargonic. In the front there is a picture of the wonderful Coral resort – situated on the famous Miami Beach. There is a picture of Coral Casino within the resort on the front as well as the back. The back of the case is lined with black suited poker cards that look as if they could be the cards used in the casino. You may have seen these on TV, but if you get a case with these pictures, you can have the same satisfaction as if you were in the casino!

The inside of the case is lined with black suited poker cards and there will be 200 poker chips included in the set. You get a deck of playing cards for every one of the 589 poker chips. There are 5 dice for both the poker chips and the cards.

There is a dealer button included in the set so that every one can be in charge of the game.

You can play as many poker hands as you want for as long as you have the money to spend. Once all 5 of the players finish, the dealer button will be passed around the table so that each participant can blow off the chips before placing them in the mixing bowl. Each player will then be given a chance to again blow the chips into the mixing bowl.

When the final round is over, the player with the most poker chips on the bottom will be declared as the winner. Although this is an excellent set of chips to play with, I can’t stress enough the need for a case. I’ve seen friends and family use cheap plastic chips that are flimsy and easily scratch. This is a problem if you are counting on those chips to win you may end up losing a lot.

The Set also comes with a beautiful wooden poker table. This is the same type of table that the World Poker Tour uses and has after tables made out of it. There is also a dealer tray that holds your chips, a shuffler, and some other supplies.

The case is beautiful and the weight is just right, I would much rather it than a box of some sort or the weight of the chips from the same manufacturer. You can leave out the professional grade chip protection film if you want to, but I would recommend that you at least get the case. This is the one case that I have used exclusively for over a year now and still no cases have made it to my home approximately two inches of chip protection film on the entire surface.

So, the next time you want to purchase a case for one of these chips, I recommend you take the time to find one that will meet your needs.