Are You Doing Your NL Holdem Poker Wrong?

Most NL Holdem Poker players do them wrong. And I say this as a big whopper.

If you aren’t yet making any money from No Limit Texas Holdem, or if you only make small winnings per 100 hands, then I know what you’re doing. It’s NL Holdem Poker. Learn from me now.

First of all, why aren’t you making much money? Well, if you aren’t currently making much money you are probably not making a bad amount of money. It’s so easy! All you have to do is learn how. A lot of the internet is full of all kinds of material designed to teach you how to make money playing poker.

However, most of this material is either scams or incomplete information (like losing). You aren’t going to get a free pass to everything you have to earn money, you have to put in effort and time. I know you are anxious to start making some money but I don’t want you to waste your time.

The types of poker players who are making some good money are no guru’s, but rather regular players who focus on making more and more money. They are good at what they do and if you are trying to learn poker and make money, then working with a group of players who understand is the way to go.

How To Make Money With NL Holdem Poker – Learn And Get Caught

1st Step To Make Money – Learn How To Play Holdem

To start making some money you will need to learn a little bit about the game. Start by learning the basics of No Limit Holdem. You can learn the basics of any other poker game from the internet. But to start concentrating on No Limit Holdem I want you to focus on another game for now.

Yes, you are already familiar with Texas Holdem if you have played that. But nowadays there is another version of poker, called Omaha, and in this game all the players are dealt 4 cards face down and 5 cards that everyone needs to make the best hand. Because of the community cards in Texas Holdem everyone is working with a different mix of cards in their hand.

Make sure you focus on the major difference between NL Holdem and Omaha for now. You have to remember that the cards in your hand are the same as the community cards. And the only difference is that in your hand you have face down cards and in Omaha they are face up.

2nd Step To Make Money – Focus On The Most Important Card

After you learned the basic rules of the game for reading cards and positions you focus on reading your opponents. When you play Omaha, remember that the only way to take down a pot is if your hand is better than what everyone else has. You do this by focusing on the most important card to winning that is turned face up at the center of the table.

This card is the only card you will have to play with in order to win the pot. The other cards can be used by anyone, but you need to remember that even if they are bad cards it doesn’t mean they are not going to help you. When you have a promising hand you must focus on this card because you’ll only be making two out of the four bets (flop, turn and river) with this hand.

Remember that you can’t make four bets unless a card is turned up. As soon as you see the fourth card you will know you have the best hand, so you must be sure to bet on this. tension accumulates the more decisions you take without a good hand. The suspense keeps everyone playing so you must take the time to get the cards you need.

3rd Step To Make Money – Your Feelings

At the poker table you are confident with your hand and are feeling a great amount of confidence. You are also aware of all of the cards on the table and what they mean. You are deeply relaxed. You are thinking you are going to win no matter what cards you play.

If you keep these feelings in you at the table you will constantly increase your winnings. You should constantly recite the phrase, “I have it” or “I have the best hand.” Bingo! You’ll hear them out in the poker room after each hand.

If you want money in poker you have to be Sixth Street. You have to get a good hand and you have to act on it. The phrase “Check” doesn’t mean you don’t have a good hand. It means you don’t know any more cards. “Raise” means you want some more cards. “Call” means you are going to need more cards.

A good hand makes a good game. You are ideally trying to have the best hand on the table. You want to have two pair or better; you might have a good full house;