NFL Underdog System

H Nothing to Do but Watch Monday Night Football.

Any sports fan who spent any significant amount of time watching football in the past twelve months has no doubt heard the frenzy over the NFL underdog system. The concept was first publicized by a Colorado, Pennsylvania, man who apparently sold his soul to the devil in order to receive football betting tips. Billion dollar salaries, golden records, and worse. Apparently the devil required the identity of in order to receive the football betting tips that would ensure his profitability.

If you’ve been involved in the NFL underdog system, the feeling of elation in making the picks may have been similar to experiencing a dream, or maybe like going a round with your dog. Either way you had a fantastic time cheering on your team and now you’re looking forward to the final game and the final score. You told yourself you’d do it for twelve hours and you came home and put in another hour. Maybe you have a little extra money in your pocket from the profits you made from week one. Regardless of how you got there, you’re in the Super Bowl.

But just because you made the final four and now you’re in the Super Bowl doesn’t mean that you’re a guaranteed loser. The NFL underdog system is a system wherein bettors place money on the team that is considered to be an underdog. The reason for this is because the odds of the favorite team winning are so high that even if they win the game, they might still lose by several points. Meanwhile, the odds of the underdog team winning are relatively good.

For example, the Cleveland Browns are the NFL’s last remaining underdog. If you place your $100 bet on them, you’ll get back only $zy. If you placed your $100 bet on the Indianapolis Colts, you’ll get $ahan. That’s a big difference. The Browns may be your big money maker if you make the NFL’s final four betting decision.

The second team sent to the Super Bowl by the NFL is the New England Patriots. You could bet $100 on them and if they lose, you’ll get another $100. However, they are the favorites and therefore have a lower payout than the Cleveland Browns. If you bet on the Patriots, you’ll therefore get more back for your $100 bet.

The final two teams anybody can bet on are the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers. Each has at least a 75% chance of beating the other. At first thought, the latter may appear to be a more formidable opponent, but the 49ers are only good because of a still relatively young and hungry Golden State team.

The second team is the Packers, and here you can see that the underdog is the more solid bet. If you’re in the mood to bet against a powerhouse, the Packers are your best bet. 80% of their losses can be expected, but nobody has ever packed it in because of something called the “in running betting rule.” You only deal with a two-game lead in the Playoffs. Make sure you’re alert to possible upset the Bengals or Washington Redskins.

And finally, with this system you’re not required to have a favorite. You can bet against anybody and if the opponent comes through, you get your money back. This is called the “in running betting option” and it should be used the same way as the running betting option.

For your $100 you’ll get a line going for you of the favorite. This may not sound like much, but you will have to choose wisely. There’s nothing worse than a hot roller going for a basket after your $100 has been bet!