Poker Basics – How to Play the Game

Poker Basics - How to Play the Game

Poker is a game of betting and chips. The players are dealt with cards (usually 5 and the amount of the cards vary, depending on the game), the dealer is the one responsible for putting the cards one by one into the center of the tray. Usually there are two rounds of betting and the last to act is the blind. The blinds tell you what the minimum bet will be. In the “early” stages of the game, the blinds are usually very low compared to the stacks. The only ways to increase your chips are to increase your blinds, play “tricks” or bet with a very good hand.

Betting occurs in the first round in the “early” stages and you can bet in any amount you want up to the amount that you have in your hand. You will be able to bet until the “end” of the first round, meaning theDealer will have to put out some cards and pay out some money, or he can make new cards. Betting ends when all players have the chance to bet (cast out some chips if they’re not in the hand) or the Dealer just takes all the bets.

The “bust” occurs when the Dealer has nothing except the blinds and now he’s forced to signal to the players that he’s busted. Either he has a high pair or some other hand (all the best ones are supposed to be low cards) he should eliminate some other player in the game.

There are some instances that some players go out even before the Dealer busts. This is what we call “Banker Kartupoker“. This is an inside move by a player who is positioned in the early position to the left of the Dealer. There is a small round of betting that occurs as players who thought they have good hands were jammed in. As players are losing their chips, the Banker would lead out with a big bet to gain information and chop off some of the smaller stacks.

If you’re concerned at what advantage you might have if some of the players behind you are eliminated, you should think of it as a plus. Your hand is less of a favorite if some players are still in the game (and thus your odds are bigger) than if some players have already left. It doesn’t matter which way it goes, both outcomes are still realistically 50-50, and you have a better chance of winning a prize at the end of the game.

Being the only player in the hand is great when you have a monster hand. Since the other players don’t know what you have, they’re not sure if you’re just bluffing or if you really do have the monster. They might be convinced you’re bluffing if you limp around with big cards. It’s better to make a big raise, forcing the other players to think you’re holding the big cards. This gives you the upper hand.

Another advantage of being the only player in the hand is that you get to act last. This is great in a heads up match because you get to see how the other player bet their hand first. If they’re not sure if they have a good hand, they’ll either think you have something good or bet. They won’t have a clue if it’s the real thing unless you take the lead.

Having the only player in the hand is a great advantage in a couple of cases. You can slow play and then bet strong when you hit the nuts. Of course, if you have a great hand, you don’t want to do this. The more players in the hand, the lower your odds of winning are, and raising in early position is the best if you don’t have to bet (other players still think you have a good hand too).

Being in the small blind can also help you if you hit a good hand in later position. Since you act last, you get to see what the other players do before you have to act. If you’re in late position, you can steal blinds frequently. People in early position don’t often take the lead. If you check, and someone in early position makes a small raise, you can feel sure about your hand because you have no one to possibly fold.

Being in the small blind gives you More of an Edge

In online poker, you will notice many repeat winners playing very aggressively, often raising big pre-flop, or playing re-raising when they are first in. This is because they know their chances of winning are much greater if they have position. They also know that most players make a standard raise, or don’t even really have much of a hand to start with. Those who really want to win big money will sometimes go all in. Being in the small blind certainly gives you the opportunity to do the same.