Tips You Could Use to Play Online Poker

Tips You Could Use to Play Online Poker

Many players that don’t know how to play poker wish to play online poker for money and how to win money in poker is never a hard thing to do so with the right strategy. Most of the online poker sites on the internet offer real money poker games and some offer play money poker games, which is why many players like to play both free poker games and for real money. When you play for real money either online or in a live game you must make sure you know how to play the game well in order to win any money.

The first thing you need to do is study and memorize a poker hand odds chart. Try to memorize your entire chart by filling in the blind boxes with your of fice hold on the ends. Don’t worry if youspecifically fail to get the chart across the board because you’ve done the “Easyway” which is identify the hands and push button.

Unlike table games you only have one card dealt at a time and you have several options to choose from when it’s your turn, such as bet, check, fold, call, raise, re-raise or check-fold. You also have the option to delay call, raise, re-raise or check-fold. This may be advantageous while you are playing free online poker games because you have the option to play slowly and carefully or fast and lose money.

If you know what you are doing and you get action on your hand, you can bet aggressively. Make a large bet, such as all-in, on the river or turn. Continue this until you get a call or a fold. If you figure your opponent is weak or you have the best hand, don’t hesitate to bet until you get a call or a fold. When you get a call or a fold, you might want to slow down a bit and take a look at the flop to determine if you are still strong.

At the beginning of an online dewabet game, it’s normal to play very tight since you aren’t betting yet. Bet very high in the beginning and as the game progresses you will want to ease off on the high end. During the beginning you want to determine how strong your hand is and the opponents that are still around. If you are stronger than your opponent or better in the beginning you can loosen up a bit. If your opponents are becoming pot committed on draws or stronger hands you want to slowly tighten up again.

As the game moves into the middle stage, with 4 to 6 players left, it’s time to play a little better. During the middle stages the blinds are closer to the average stacks, so you want to make a few all-in plays an attempt to steal the blinds and turn a hand with you pocket aces or kings into a hand with higher value. For example if you have 66s and everyone has folded to you, in home game you can shove all in. Many times you will take down a smaller winnings from taking down hands pre-flop and will continue to play aggressive on the flop. During the flop you can become a little passive because the risk has been reduced by your opponents folding to you. Take control of the game by raising or re-raising the pot. Continue to play aggressive on the turn and river by making small bets and by tight betting. By taking down hands pre-flop you have shown your opponents you are willing to take risks and will continue to do so. Will winning percentage on your bluff? Chances are it will be better than your actual chance.


Whether you are a limit player or no limit player, taking down the small pots and bluffing well can definitely add up to a winning percentage. Do these strategies work for you? It is definitely possible, but if you want to be a better player, you need to study a lot of hands.