Winning Online Poker – The Small Ball Way

Winning Online Poker - The Small Ball Way

In my 4 years dealing poker, I saw a lot of different styles. I remember Ferris, the young guy who liked to wear aviator shades, and whom you could always count on to raise. I remember Ron, the old man who looked like a turtle – and I remember that if HE raised, I’d know to get the hell out.

My evolution as a player was helped along by coaches like Mike Caro and John Vorhaus. These were the guys who helped me realize that it was not about what cards I played, but more about how I played them. It was about hand selection, and making reads on my opponents. I started to understand position, and how to take the most advantage of my hole cards.

These lessons took place in Dewavegas room, where I did much better than in my job. It helped me build my skills, and led to bigger winnings. And that’s what I’m talking about. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that to be a great player, all you have to do is download poker hands and sit back. Poker isn’t that easy. It takes skill, patience, and a whole lot of practice.

That’s why I know that you, like me, will love this article. It will teach you how to be a better poker player, all while making money at the same time.

First, I will tell you why poker is so profitable. Unlike other jobs in the working world, poker pays out a percentage of your earnings. In other words, the higher your hourly rate, the more hours you will make per day. Most bosses in real world jobs make around $15 – $20 an hour. Not so with poker. You make $0.20 or $0.30 per hour. That’s great, right?

Now, while you’re working that extremely hard for your boss, I’ll be filling out my schedule for PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Party Poker. I’m telling you, if you can hold your own in the least favorite card game on the planet, you will make an awesome living. I can’t count the amount of times my friends and family have asked me to play, while they just play the game themselves. Keep in mind I’m only saying from my own experience, this isn’t a proven theory. It’s just that easy, everyone can access the game.

So the next time you lose some money and feel like your not as lucky, I’m telling you, you’re not alone. If you know someone who’s doing this, and they’re making a living off of just playing poker, you can join the band of enthusiasts. It’s actually more than unusual, because real poker players are usually tight with their money. You know the old saying, “You need to spend money to make money?” That’s why real poker players can earn a great living while other can’t match their level of natural talent.

However, I’m not just sharing some tips, I’m sharing the truth. Don’t just hope to be the next pro who makes a lot of money because there are countless players that lose money every season. I’ve watched players risk their money in the hopes of one winning event. After all the bulk of these players’ bankrolls are grown from other peoples losses. Some of them are just very bad gamblers and players, but you know what? You’re actually kind of lucky. So, don’t get discouraged, have some self-control, and realize there’s a chance in everything.

But, again, the best way to do this is to grow you own bankroll in your own sportsbook account. As long as you can cover you original bankroll, you can play. The more you put in, the more you are going to get out. Plus, you can hedge your bets with your own money. If you want to win, put in your own original money. Whatever you do, don’t risk more than you can afford to lose.

And, be careful not to make any stupid mistakes. For example, if you’re betting on two least popular teams, you stand to lose a lot of money. And, there’s no chance of you having access to a pro-sports-book at your neighborhood bookie. If you make stupid mistakes, you will only lose more money.

So, yes, you can make a living betting. Yes, it’s possible. If you’re willing to persevere, the sky is the limit.

We know that you are already reading this article, so you’re probably just betting to lose. That’s fine. There’s always tomorrow and the day after that.

But I highly encourage you to keep reading, because there is a lot more to come.